Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Blogging Thoughts

I was just sitting at my mum's dining room table this morning. Home alone and surrounded by laundry as well as the remains of what I had for a breakfast. An empty bowl and half a mug of lukewarm coffee (which I will still drink because coffee.) Here's a picture of my current view right now.

Yeah. This is literally my view right now. It's not the standard Instagram worthy blogging photo but oh well. It's real. It may not be perfect but this is currently what I'm living as I write this. If you're wondering why I'm sitting here and not in my bedroom is because I was eating my breakfast here while on my laptop but also because I'm actually waiting for an amazon delivery which is for my friend back at university. Her birthday was in August but I'm not seeing her until I go back to university in a few days time so yeah. I'm actually writing this post on the 12th September at eleven o'clock in the morning but you won't see this post until the week I go back to university which is actually on the next Monday after this post goes up. This may or may not make sense to you but it makes sense to me. Sort of.

Anyway, I didn't necessarily want to make this post about me. Even though I kind of just did but actually I wanted to talk about blogging. Now I've mentioned many times about how much I love blogging. Just look at previous posts to do with blogging which I've done and you'll see. I mean obviously I love blogging because I'm making this random post which may not interest anyone really but I'm still writing it because this is my blog and I can write whatever I want. That's the thing about blogging. Anyone can blog about anything. It doesn't matter really. As long as the person blogging is happy with what they're writing then that's all that really matters.

For all you readers who are thinking of starting a blog or even newish blogger who are just starting out. Just go for it. Write about something your passionate about. Maybe look at other blogs for inspiration. Maybe take an idea of someone else's blog post but make it original and about you. There's loads of routes you can go down for blogging. You can start a beauty blog, a travel blog, a food blog, a lifestyle blog. Anything really. Mine is just a simple lifestyle blog but I write about all sorts of things. The main thing for me is that I'm enjoying it. I get a satisfaction when I'm typing out a blog post and it's coming along nicely. It makes me more happy to know that I've planned my posts ahead of when I actually post them. At the moment I have five blog posts scheduled to be published which makes me super happy. I used to never be this organised with my blog before. I used to just make a post then post it the very same day with no real plan for other posts.

That's a thing maybe new bloggers who are coming into blogging and all bloggers should do. Just make a few posts ahead of time and when you have a reasonable amount like five or six blog posts which are pretty much ready to be published then publish them within time then you can create more blog posts ahead of schedule. This means that if you have one of those days where you're just not in the mood to blog but you haven't updated your blog in a few days then you can just post one of your blog posts which you created a while ago when you did have the motivation to blog. Just create some back up blog posts for yourself when you have days when you don't feel like blogging but you want to show your readers that you are consistent with your blog. If you're consistent with your blog and post regularly then you'll probably get more readers because they know you are regular uploader and may just stick around to read your blog more. Try to also make some of your posts relatable to your readers. For example I'm a university student so I give my own advice and tips about university to my readers because I've experienced it and I can gurantee that some of my readers are probably students who may find my advice helpful or they are just interested in what I have to say. Just make your blog about you. It's your blog. The more personal to the writer the blog is the better. It shows originality and that you're not some blogger who posts like every other blogger. Blog some original stuff but if you are at a loss or have blogger's block then do a post which other bloggers have done but add your own take on it. Don't just copy. Be original in what you write.

Anyway, this was just a random post on my thoughts and feelings recently about blogging which I thought I'd share. There's no real purpose to it but I hope some of you enjoyed reading and maybe took something from it. Thank you by the way if you do take the time to read my blog posts. It means a lot to me that people take the time to look at my blog and read a post I've written. Just recently I saw my blog had passed over 13,000 page views which is just crazy to me but I am so grateful. I've seen that the majority of you come from the UK, USA, Russia, Germany, France, Portugal, Ireland and many more places across the world. I can't actually believe that other people from different countries have actually seen my blog. Whether you've read one post or a few of my posts. It means a lot to me and I plan on continuing to make posts on this blog for you all wherever you are in the world. I just want to say to you all reading this: Thank you. It means a lot.

All I have to say now though is I'll be back soon with another blog post. Probably on Monday as that's when I return to my university house and it's the start of my third year journey which I am both nervous and excited about. I'll definitely update you all about.

See you then.

Megan x

Monday, 18 September 2017


Ah Autumn! (Or as some people call it Fall)

I just love this time of the year. As much as I love the summer break and the warm weather. I personally prefer the Autumn/Winter time of the year.

I suppose I like September because it's like the start of the academic year. It's like a new beginning and I guess I kind of like being distracted by university as I'm doing productive things rather than just barely doing anything. Although I've just realised that this will techinally be my last academic year as it is my final year of university. That actually feels so weird to me. I've been in education since I was about four and I have not had a break from it. When I finished sixth form two years ago, I went straight from their to university. I didn't take a gap year before uni so it's kind of weird that this is actually my last academic year. I suppose it might not be because I might decide to do a Master Degree later on but for now this is it. My final year of education. (Unless I somehow screw it all up and have to redo the year. Hopefully not.)

However, the start of the academic year is not the only reason why I like Autumn. It's the weather and clothing side of things to do. I'm not going to lie. I absolutely love wearing jumpers, hoodies, coats and basically wrapping up warm. It's less pressure in the Autumn about what you can and can't wear. Your fashion choices are narrowed down and it's so much easier to decide what to wear. It's also just really cosy and comfy which is what I love about them. It's also not too hot but not too cold either. The temperature is just the right amount and even if it does get cold, you can just put on a jumper.

Another thing which I love about Autumn is the fact that it's my birthday in October. It's like when September 1st begins I know my birthday is in 34 days (October 4th) which makes me super excited. I know it's the time where you get older but honestly your birthday is what you make it and personally I love to make my britdhay special whether it's doing things with your friends or family or doing stuff by yourself then I don't mind as long as I'm completely happy that day then I'll be fine. Also, I hate to admit this too but I kind of like opening cards and presents from people. Just the mystery of what's in the card or unde the wrapping paper and seeing if people actually know you that well is fun. I also tend to get myself a gift. Lucky for me my student loan arrives a couple of days before my birthday so I can actually afford to get myself something nice. I know it may be sad buying yourself a present but honestly why not buy yourself a present. The fact is that you know you'll definitely love it because you personally chose it for yourself.

A lot of people who think of Autumn think of Halloween. Personally I'm not so big on Halloween. I'm not the biggest of fans of horror movies and I'm kind of too old to go around houses and go trick or treating. Plus I don't get invited to Halloween parties and so I don't tend to dress up on Halloween. However, Halloween does play a part in why I love Autumn as it's the beginning of the build up to Christmas in a way. Although in the UK there is bonfire night which is also something I love about Autumn as it's fun to go out and watch firework displays but it's like when you see the final firework for me that's it. It's time for the build up of Christmas. I know in America you have thanksgiving but in the UK we don't really celebrate it or go all out for it. Well, I never really have so I kind of have the whole of November to start getting excited about Christmas. I actually start listening to Christmas songs in November just to get me excited for it.

Anyway, I know this was kind of a short list of why I love Autumn but at the same time I made my points so it's all good. Let me know what your favourite time of the year is and why in the comments below and I'll be back again soon with another post.

See you then.

Megan x

Friday, 15 September 2017

University Move In Day Advice

Some of you are probably about to move in to university for the first time maybe this weekend or next weekend. As I'm about to go into my third year. I have some advice for you guys from my first year which might be beneficial to all you freshers to think about on your move in day so lets get to it.

1. Arrive Early

Now your university may be three hours away or more but that just means you have to leave your house early in the morning or arrange to stay in a hotel the night before with your parents. Whatever it is you decide to do just arrive early. If you arrive to your accomendation early then you can quickly get settled and you'll have a first pick of your kitchen cupboard, a shelf in the fridge and a freezer drawer. Plus if you're early then you can meet new people as they arrive and make friends.

2. Do a grocery shop before you arrive

Whether it's a quick trip to the supermarket to get the essentials like milk and bread. Just do a quick shop before you arrive to your university so you actually have things to put in the fridge and your cupboards so you won't starve. Another thing is to actually buy foods that you don't need to put in the fridge or freezer like Pasta and tins while you're packing for university so you don't have to do a huge grocery shop before you arrive. Just get the essentials before you arrive so you actually have stuff to eat and make.

3. Keep you door open

As much as it's so tempting to just close your door and do whatever you want in your bedroom. Locking yourself in your bedroom on the first day is probably the worst thing to do. Plus you'll have the whole year to lock yourself in your room. However, it's best to make friends with your flatmates and actually meet them. If you start off on good terms with your flatmates then you'll have a pretty good year. Also at least you'll have somebody to go to the Fresher's events during the day so you won't be completely alone on your first day.

4. Say goodbye to your parents within an hour or two

I know it may be hard to say goodbye to your parents when you arrive but it's gotta be done. You have to think on your own two feet and learn things by yourself. You can't make friends if your parents are hanging around you because it's gonna be awkward for you potential new friends. The first step to your independence in university is to let go of your parents. Just remember they are only a phone call away and you can visit them in reading week and the holidays so it's not the end of the world.

5.  Go around your hall and introduce yourself

Like I said before it's tempting to stay in your bedroom but walk around the halls. There may be people in the communal areas who will be up for meeting new people. Even if they are in the year above you. Any friends are better than no friends. At least you might be able to make arrangements and do stuff that night. I know it might be difficult if you're quiet and shy (it was difficult for me) but you just gotta and at least try to make some friends in Fresher's Week.

6. Get your bedroom sorted the same day

Get unpacked on the same day as you arrive. Make it homely and cosy. This will be your bedroom for the next year so make it your room. You're going to be sleeping there the same night so get your room cosy and surround yourself with all your things. Put posters up. Unpack all your suitcases and boxes. Dedicate a cupboard for yourself, a fridge shelf and a freezer drawer. If you do this then you'll soon feel right at home.

7. Walk around campus

Have a little walk around campus. Familiarise yourself with where things are like the library, the bar, the students union. You'll also meet people along the way. Just get your bearings right and know exactly where your hall is because you may going back there at the end of the night and you'll need to know where it is.

8. Go to all the Fresher's events

I'd highly recommend you check out all the Fresher's events. Go to the welcome talk with your new fresher flat mates. Go to the Fresher's Fair. Go to the bar's events with your new friends. Just get out there a little bit. Just show yourself that you can be adaptable and open to new things. Going to these gurantees you'll make new friends and also get to grips with the university seen. Fresher's Week is the week before lectures so make the most of it because it won't last. This like the golden opportunity to make some new friends so just go for it. You'll thank yourself by the end of Fresher's Week knowing you have some new found friends for the rest of the year.

That's it for my week of university posts. I hope they were helpful to any of you Freshers or indeed returning students. Like I said in a post before that university is for only three years. It'll go by so fast. It seems like only yesterday when I was starting my university journey and now I'm in third year. I didn't even think I'd make it this far. There was a point in the first two months that I wanted to drop out of university but I'm so glad I didn't because it has been the best two years of my life and I'm already looking forward to this third and final year (apart from the dissertation and all the other assignments). Just make the most of the experience. Don't waste it by spending all your time in your bedroom, watching Netflix. Actually get out and explore your university's town and city. Try new things and be open to new experiences. It will not last long so just make your university experience worthwhile and something amazing which you can look back on. Don't be the person that hated their university experience. Try make light of any bad situations which may come your way while your at university. Become a better and improved version of yourself while at university because I'll tell you something. You'll learn a lot about yourself while at university.

I hope you enjoyed this week of university posts. Good luck to any freshers heading to university and also good luck to the rest of you university students. Let's make this year count because it'll be gone in a flash.

I'll be back again soon with another post and I'll also be back with more university posts as next week I'll be heading back to university so you can hear all my trials and tribulations of third year.

See you then 😀

Megan x

My Other University Related Blog Posts: 

Thursday, 14 September 2017

University Packing List

It is September so I'm sure a lot of you are getting ready to go to university for the first time and are unsure as to what you actually need to pack. It's so tempting to just bring your entire bedroom or something just in case you might need it but in reality you probably will not touch it for an entire year. As I have been in university for two years now. I thought I'd give you a guys a list of what you should definetly bring to university.

1. Important Documents

There are a few important documents that you do not want to forget before going to university. Don't forget your passport and some other form of ID because you may need some ID before getting university and also you will need ID if you are planning on drinking. Don't forget any important letters you've had from the university before you've arrived (including your acceptance letter) because you may need those and it's best to keep them all together. Take your student loan forms as well as any forms involving any bursaries etc. so you know when your student loan is going in and out so you can keep track of it all. Another thing is all your accomdation forms and your contract. You've probably received letters about your accomdation and when the rent is going out. You will need these for wanting to gain access to your new bedroom. Have access to all your bank details and have your bank card because you'll probably have to sort your own finances out from now on so just have all your details in case you have an emergency. Have your National Insurance Number on hand with you because you may need it as well. I would recommend having a folder or a box file to keep all your important documents together because you do not want to lose any of them so it's best to have a store them somewhere you can easily find. Take your student discount cards like your 16-25 Railcard or NUS card because they are super helpful in getting student discounts (I would highly recommend getting a railcard because you'll want to get discount on your train journeys for when you go home.)

2. Bedding

You're going to need some bedding as most university accomadation won't provide any so bring your own duvet, pillows, covers, sheets, blankets and a mattress protector. Just don't forget your bedding and you're on your way to a good start for university. Bring a spare set of bedding for when your other set is the wash. Always handy to have a back up.

3. Kitchen Stuff

Now while you're at university you are probably going to cook some things so you're going to need all the essentials for that. So bring the basics like a saucepan, a frying pan, a baking tray, wooden spoon, spatula, whisk, mixing bowl, measuring jug, colander, chopping board, a sharp knife, cheese grater, vegetable peeler. Bring cutlery like forks, knives, spoons and teaspoon as well as plates, bowls, mugs and glasses. Don't forget tea towels, washing up liquid, sponge or brush or clothe used for washing up as you will also have to do your own washing up. You can bring some added extras too the kitchen but these are pretty much the basics.

4. Stationary

Obviously the whole point of going to university is to actually do work so you're going to need some stationary. You will need a notebook to take notes in lectures. It's up to you how many you bring. Me personally I prefer an A5 notebook as it's easier to carry and make notes on. You may want to bring a binder, dividers as well as polly pockets to organise your notes in if you wish. Don't forget your usual stationary like pens, pencils, ruler, rubber, sharpener, highlighter and coloured pens. Don't forget scissors, glue and sellotape as they are always handy to have. Another thing to remember is some drawing pins as you'll probably have a pinboard in your bedroom and a holepunch is always handy too. Don't forget a diary or planner to make a note of your assignment deadlines as well as post it notes as they're always good to have.

5. Bathroom Stuff

Now I'm not here to judge but honestly you'll probably make more friends if your personal hygiene is good. You should bring at least two towels, toothbrush and toothpaste as well as your 5.shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap etc. Don't forget to bring some kind of deodrant as well so that you smell nice. You can bring bodyspray or perfume. Bring a hairdryer as well because it can be used to dry your hair as well as an iron. Also bring some other hair styling tools if you want to. It's really up to you what you bring for your daily skin care, make up, hair routine. I'd recommend bring your own toilet paper as well just in case and ladies don't forget the essentials you need for that time of the month. Pack a first aid kit with parecetemol, ibuprofen, plasters, antiseptic cream, cough medicine, throat lonzengers and condoms (the most important just in case). You may want to bring febreeze or another air freshener just so your room or the bathroom smells nice.

6. Bedroom stuff

Now I've already talked about bedding as that's kind of important but you're going to need some stuff for your room. Definetly bring a laundry basket as you will need somewhere to keep your dirty laundry and you'll probably take it to the launderette so make it easy to carry. Another thing is definetly coat hangers as you'll probably get a wardrobe in your room and the university is not going to provide you with coat hangers so definetly bring several coat hangers. Get yourself an actual alarm clock because it's all good an well using your phone but it's always handy to just have an actual alarm clock as well. Do bring some decorations for your bedroom because you're going to be living there for a year so make it your own room as it is actually comforting looking around and seeing your room decorated just how you want it. Bring decorations like pictures of your memories, posters, fairy lights. Decorations really does make a difference. Don't forget the blutac if you are putting posters and pictures up. Another thing people may not think about is a mirror. Do bring your own mirror as there may be a mirror in your bedroom but it might be too small or in an inconveniant place (like over the sink) so do bring your own. Another thing is entertainment for yourself so do bring books, dvds, games for yourself because you'll probably have a lot of days spent in your bedroom.

7. Electricals

The most important thing to have is a laptop. It is so handy to have a laptop to do your work on. Your university will probably have computers in the library which you could use to do your work but honestly I would invest in getting a laptop to do your work because it is so handy and you don't have to rely on trying to get a computer in the library as normally most if not all of them will be taken up by other students so just get yourself a laptop to do all your work in. Don't forget to have a memory stick to back up your work on because your laptop may crash and you do not want to lose all your work. Bring a TV and maybe a game console because you may have some boring days and it can work as a DVD player plus some game consoles have iPlayers and Netflix so they are perfect for movie nights. I know this is not elctrical but do bring some DVDs/TV Boxsets to watch as well because they can fill up any boring time you might have. I'd recommend bringing a desk lamp because your room may not have one and they are handy for late nights doing work when you don't want to use the main light.  Also bring an extension lead because your room may just have one or two plugs so you may want to have some more.

Anyway, that's about it for now. I'm sure there are plenty of other things you can think of too pack like grocerys and cleaning supplies (if you want a tidy room that is). I've just pretty much covered the basics which should be helpful to any of you moving in to your university accomadation.

I wish you good luck if you are heading to university soon and I have one final university related post for you guys tomorrow which will be advice for the move in day which should be helpful to you guys heading off to university.

See you then.

Megan x

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

University Dos and Don'ts

As it's coming up to the time where everyone is going back to university. There are a few dos and don'ts which you may need to know. This is just my own opinion as I'm coming up to my final year of university and here's a few things which I have learnt along the way. I'm sure there are many so let's just get on with it.

  • Be yourself. If you stay true to who you are and you'll make more friends in long run and you don't have to pretend. Plus everyone likes different persoanlities and they'll soon warm up to yours.
  • Be adaptable. Adapt to different personalities and try new things. Be an open book to everything and anyone. You're more likely to make more friends if you adapt but don't change yourself completely.
  • Go out and meet new people. If you walk around your halls, someone will have their door open and you can go in for a chat. Hang out with people. Show that you can be a socialable person sometimes.
  • Make a plan to do some work. Start researching your assignments early because your deadlines will come fast. Just get a rough idea of how much you need to do and start planning. Try to aim to get your work done a week before it's due.
  • Make friends in your halls/house. Get to know someone better. If you like like someone. Try to get close with them but try not to sleep with them in the first few months. If you develop as a couple then when the time is right sleep with them (if you must). 
  • Put most of your loan in a savings account and budget. If you save your loan then you can budget how much you should spend. Perhaps divide your loan per month and have a budget for each month which you must follow. You're allowed to buy the odd treat but don't go blowing it all. It may be a lot of money but it's better to save it. You'll thank yourself in the long run when you're not struggling to buy groceries or pay the rent. Also try not to go into your overdreaft because that will not be fun.
  • Embrace the homesickness. Accept that you miss home but it can be solved with a phone call to home or looking at old photos. Even just go find some company in a friend at uni because they'll understand and perhaps they may feel homesick too. 
  • Go home during the holidays/reading week. Do eventually go home because then you can catch up with your family and friends and tell them all about university. Plus it's kind of nice to go home after stressing about all your assignments. You also give yourself time in the first term to adjust at university and learn how to be independent. If you are struggling to cope in the first term then your parents are only a phone call away. 
  • Get a good nights sleep of at least six hours. Get into a routine. You'll thank yourself in a long run. There's no point in being tired all the time. Get the sleep you need.
  • Make use of the library. Go search for books relevent to the topic you're researching. You'll find a lot more relevent info in books. The only down side is to actually finding the relevent information to apply to your assignments but honestly it will be so much. These references will show lecturers that you've actually gone out and researched in actual books. They will probably give you a better mark for it rather than the use of the sources from the internet.
  • Ask for help. I can't stress this enough but do ask for help if you need help with the work. Your lecturers are there to help you as well as to teach you. If you ask them for help then they will help you and point you in the right direction. They don't want you to struggle or bring yourself down about. If you don't ask them for help then they'll think you're doing fine but if you ask them for some help then they'll give it to you. It's not a sign of weakness if you ask for help. It's a sign that you are strong enough to come to turns with that you have a problem with your work and you need some help for it.
  • Make the most of university. It's only three years and it'll go by so fast. Make the most of those three years. Develop your skills as well as yourself. You will grow as a person while at university. It's your learning curve to adulthood. You'll learn how to be independent, manage money, pay bills, cook, clean and many other things which the world of adulthood will have to offer. Don't waste the three years by going out and partying all the time. Put some focus into your work to get the degree and just have fun.

  • Be someone your not. It's not worth it and everyone will soon find out who you are and they might end up dissapointed in you.
  • Be narrow minded. As much as there are some things that may wind us up or we may not even like. Don't judge a book by it's cover. If you're going to be fussy about different things then people may want to avoid you which you don't want to happen. Maybe share your views on what you disagree on but don't judge other people for it. Just be open to things.
  • Lock yourself in your room. As much as it's tempting to just hide away in your room and watch Netflix. It's not the best thing for your university experience. There will be plenty of times  where you can hide away in your room but do go out often and see people. You're not going to make friends from your bedroom. Especially in Fresher's Week do get yourself out there. Make friends with people in your halls, hang out with them and go out to the bar with them. Just get yourself some friends by leaving your room. 
  • Leave work to the last minute. It is not worth it. Trust me. You'll be more stressed and even if you do pass that assignment you probably could have got a better grade if you just did it earlier.
  • Sleep with someone from your halls/house. Personally I've never done this but I've heard of how awkward it is. Afterwards, you'll still have to live with that person for the rest of the year and you may have formed friendships within the hall and when you all come together it'll just be awkward so try to avoid sleeping with someone from your halls/house.
  • Spend all your loan in Freshers/the first month. You'll need that money for the rest of the term/year and you don't want to blow all in one go. You need money to live, buy groceries, pay rent/bills. Don't blow it all.
  • Feel bad if you get homesick. Everybody gets homesick eventually. Don't feel like your a loser if you miss home. It's only natural to miss home.
  • Don't go home every weekend/in the first month. I know loads of people who have done this and honestly it's silly. I know you may miss home or go home for your parent's home cook food but honestly you are missing out your university experience and you're not really learning how to be independent if you're constantly going home every week. 
  • Pull all nighters all the time. Every student will pull an all nighter at some stage but don't do it on a regular basis. It's not healthy and you'll probably end up sleeping for the rest of the day and wasting time. 
  • Always rely on the internet for sources/references. As much as it's so easy these days to find references online. These can be unreliable sometimes or biased. Plus your lecturers would rather you use a variety of sources than ones from online. You'll get more marks if you've used a variety of sources.
  • Bring yourself down and struggle with work. There may a time when you struggle with the work and bring yourself down. It can be awful because sometimes you'll struggle to find the light in the situation or  solution to it. Try not to get to that point and ask for help if you need it.
  • Get too drunk in Freshers. Pace yourself during Freshers Week. I know it's a week to get drunk every night but try to pace yourself especially on the first few days. You want to make a good impression on your new flat mates as well as some of your new friends. They don't want to have a night where they have to look after your drunken yourself and they'll probably think you can't handle your drink so they might not invite you to go on a night out with them. Just pace yourself. If you are getting to a stage where you're drunk. Drink some water. Try to sober up a bit. You're in a new place and you'll probably want to be able to find your room at the end of the night so just be careful during Fresher's Week.
Anyway, I hope this list was helpful to any of you going to university soon. If you follow some of the things on the list then you'll definetely have a good university experience. Let me know down below in the comments if you have any university dos and don'ts which I have not mentioned which will be beneficial to anyone else reading this.

Just remember that university is only three years so just make the most of it all and have fun.

I'll be back again tomorrow with another university related post.

See you then.

Megan x